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Why Berlin.

Why are real estate investment analysts so excited about Berlin?
Why is Berlin so special?
Why now?
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The world’s largest residential real estate firms have chosen Berlin as their prime investment area for the next years. These Companies don’t just foresee growth, they create growth.

On top of that, the German government has finally dedicated itself to kick-starting the residential property market.

At present, house prices in Berlin are approximately 10% of London prices.

Berlin used to be surrounded by communist Eastern Europe. There was no private property, nor capital growth. West Berlin was the exception but the idea of Russian tanks rolling down the streets, kept people from buying Berlin property.

After the wall came down, Berlin’s economy had to be built from scratch. This had a profound effect on the real estate market. Simply put: No employment, no mortgages and therefore no growth.

Now, after 15 years of reconstruction, Berlin’s new economic face is finally starting to show. It is emerging as one of the most modern economies globally. With industries such as: transportation technology (aerospace industry, rail technology, telematics), life sciences (biotechnology, medical technology), communication, micro-technologies (laser technology, Nano technology, optics), energy and environmental technologies.

As an addition to this, Berlin is positioning itself as Europe’s educational capital. In the next years a substantial amount of new educational positions are being created. This too is driving the need for rental property and is increasing future demand for free hold property.

Berlin’s demographic composition is among the youngest in Europe. More then half of the population is younger than 35.

With the new member states joining, Berlin has moved from being a socio-economic outpost to the centre of the new European Union.

These facts are turning Berlin’s historical cold war disadvantages into a head start for the future.

As most of Europe is experiencing the end of its real estate growth cycle, Berlin is clearly at the beginning. Berlin has overcome the pain of reunification and now it’s time for the gain.
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